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Over 100,000 happy customers. thank you!
5 vegetables that are easy to grow

5 vegetables that are easy to grow

1. Beans

There is a reason why you see beans in cowboy movies. As beans were frontier food containing all the nourishments a person needs to survive. They can be dried, canned and of course eaten fresh. Beans have a very flexible climate growing range, that means they can grow all year in some climates. Remember, beans don't take nitrogen from the soil but from the air so not only are they a great fast growing veggie, they can be used as pre crop for some other nitrogen hungry plants.

5 easy to grow veggies

2. Asian greens

Asian greens are fast growing and highly nutritious. On a continent with billions of people protein is given rare, that's why their vegetables need to grow fast, big, be nutritious and above all easy to grow. They can be eaten raw or cooked. 

how to grow Asian greens

3.  Zucchini

Originally from the Americas the zucchini that we all know was developed in northern Italy where it was named. The plant itself is great for smaller gardens but never the less its a big producer. It is really easy to grow and the speed at which the fruit swell is ridiculous. Some zucchini can get to a meter long, actually the longest Zucchini ever recorded was 2,55 meters. there is also plenty of varieties such as round, yellow, white and they all taste fantastic raw, cooked or even pickled. 

How to grow Zucchini

4. Carrots

Did you know that the carrot originated in Afghanistan. It's true. In fact evidence shows that carrots have been grown there 5000 years ago. Now, if carrots can grow in Afghanistan, they can grow anywhere. Orange carrots are a recent development, originally carrots were white or purple and had a very strong taste. Luckily these days with cross breedings they taste delicious. They also store well after harvest, being a top backyard crop to grow. There is lots of different colors, they taste great and if you grow just a few plants they will give you thousands of seeds for next season. 

how to grow carrots

5. Radish 

Another perfect vegetable to grow. It originated from around India or China, but no one knows for sure. Radish is the cheater of the vegetable world. If you want a fast growing crop then you need to wait just a few weeks and they will be ready to eat. There are lots of different types of radishes, you can get the small ones that are best harvested young or larger varieties that are best harvested when they grow a little bit larger. Radish has an excellent temperature tolerance so it can be grown all around the world. There are also a lot of ways to prepare and eat radish. 

easy to grow vegetables




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