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Over 100,000 happy customers. thank you!
How to start a flower garden

How to start a flower garden

The fact is that some flowers are easier to grow than others. Learn how to start a flower garden from scratch in this post. Here's the list of top 5 easy to grow flowers that you can grow while starting a garden in your yard.


They are beautiful and easy to grow, just sow seeds straight into the ground in a sunny sheltered spot and watch them grow. Be sure to provide supports for the tallest ones. 

Sweet peas

Who can resist their delicious fragrance? The best thing is the more you pick the more flowers they produce. The large seeds of sweet peas are easy to handle. Sank them in water over night and plant them in a sunny position. Also it's good to provide a supportive fence and of course plenty of water. Just keep an eye for pests. 


Easy to grow, simply scatter nigella seeds across bare soil and let it look after itself. the plant is much tougher than it looks. As the flowers fade this pretty flower will set seed for the following year. 


Aquilegia are easy plants to grow and will come back year after year. Start growing them in small pots for transplanting later on. Once they are enstablished they will set seeds so you will never be short of new plants. They tollerate almost every condition in a sunny or semi shaded place.

California poppy

If you are not a fan of watering than that this is the plant for you. This colorful little flowers can be grown in dry soil and full sunset so they are perfect for filling forgotten corners of the garden. Simply scatter the seeds where you want them to flower and they will take care of themselves. Also, each year they will set seed that will grow the following summer.


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